Only A Life Lived For Others Is Worth Living

joshuafabera News 1 Comment

The saying goes, the vision is nothing without the people (I think). In our culture we have become so sensitive to the requests of others in need, but somehow we have churches failing left and right. Crazy right? I’m convinced that some churches lose focus on the people that have worked hard to make the vision happen. I sure hope that I don’t forget to appreciate those who God places around me to support me.

Thank you to those who showed up for the Vision Casting meeting on July 8th. The turn-out was great and the questions asked were spot on. The problem that I’m already seeing is one that truthfully frightens the bajeebers out of me. We need volunteers to step up and make this vision reality. Without you taking part in this ministry, it may become just another dusty binder of dreams sitting on my bookshelf.

Take a look at the last Blog “Beginnings Have To Start Somewhere” for what I’m talking about. If you want to dip your feet in the water and help, send me a shout-out. Together we can make this happen in an epically awesome way!