Back To School

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Welcome to September, the month of first day of ___ grade photos. Another year equals another grade added to the permanent record (hopefully). Parents are actively pushing the kids out the door, and celebrating the … Read More

The Nasty Word

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Have you ever had a word stuck in your head and couldn’t get it out? Well that’s my problem lately, thus the origin of this post. The best way for me to get it unstuck … Read More


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Another week, and we’re still making headway on The Charge project. We have several volunteers signed up and ready to go. I’ve been working through the ideas and working to put them into organized piles. … Read More

Beginnings Have To Start Somewhere

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Enough with the vision, let’s talk about where you can make a difference. To make this vision a reality, we need you. We’ll be looking for help in pretty much every possible expertise, so I … Read More