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Another week, and we’re still making headway on The Charge project. We have several volunteers signed up and ready to go. I’ve been working through the ideas and working to put them into organized piles. I just can’t stop thinking how amazing this is, and how God is allowing this to move forward with minimal stress. #Blessed

One win we’ve had this past week was the approval to remove the carpeting in the sanctuary. Though it wasn’t a thought for The Charge, it will help change the environment dramatically. We’ll be able to easily eat and drink in the sanctuary during gatherings without worrying about those pesky carpet stains.

For you volunteers out there, I’ll be working on sending out the first set of emails this week. They’ll have projects that we need to accomplish with rough time-frames, and “idea-seekers” to seek out any ideas you may have. In the mean-time, don’t be afraid to get your ideas to me. You can always send them to me via email, post to the Charged FaceBook page, or chat in-person. All ideas are welcome.